Maria Y. Orosa

Another leading figure in science and medicine is nutritionist and war heroine Maria Ylagan-Orosa whose inventions include today’s banana ketchup, calamansi juice, soy milk, and peanut brittle. Most of her nutritional inventions preceded their time and her tireless research on different food combinations saved countless lives. Orosa established the Food Preservation Division of the Bureau of Science, where she continued to study the use of unconventional fruits and ingredients for nutrition. She studied all these for the benefit of society and the glory of the country, such as supplementing infants with Vitamin B1 from rice bran and constantly rivaling or trumping food inventions from other countries. This led to our country’s produce and her inventions being sent to other countries, especially to feed the Filipinos there. A street was named in her honour at Ermita. She was not only an outstanding inventor but also a patriotic war heroine (Camacho, 2000).