Carmen De Luna

One of the founders of the Centro Escolar de Señoritas is ‘Educator’s educator’, Carmen de Luna. As a teacher, De Luna encouraged Filipinas to adapt to new trends without forgetting their heritage and culture. Along with Librada Avelino, De Luna cultivated a generation of students proud of their nation and excelling in fields such as science, culture, and politics. Under her presidency of the school, in 1934 the university grew in campuses and accommodated courses. She had also been a part of different civic groups such as the Gota de Leche and the Liga de Mujeres, and during World War II, she helped soldiers and sheltered nuns at the Hospital de San Juan de Dios (Camacho, 2000). De Luna extended her efforts towards not only her students and the future educators they would become, but also to the rest of society, serving as an example to the rest of women and men in history.